This bright meaningless life

The Greenman, “this bright meaningless life.”

If you want to know more about human consciousness and the world, you can set up a list of books to nourish your mind.

Music, lyrics and words by Johnny Groenen as well as drums, bass, all guitars, vocals and breath controls, with the exception of Bright meaningless life' , in which Julia Stipsits quotes Shakespeare's last sentence of his one hundred and forty Sixth sonnet, and Dylan Thomas and H.G. Wells quotes themselves in 'High on Books'. "Skull of an Arab" was used in David Verbeek's Full Contact, and J.J.Johnson's My Lament' was used in the last track of "Cause of all pain." This album was green recorded and produced by Johnny Groenen at the studio "Green in Blue MS Oostzee," Netherlands. Art work by Sander Vos 2017 Strange Snauser Records Utrecht, Netherlands.

Read my lips
Het label voor dolende muziek