Post Modern Chaos

Post modern chaos


If the zeitgeist exists, cultures are, in a sense, constantly exploding or imploding. And at some point you can see it happen. After a great exposure to pathos, suddenly there is that one silent thing. So if we mark our position as postmodern, where mass reproduction flattens old classes and where new ones arise, it must be interesting material for musical compositions, because anything is possible.    To old ears it’s a tasteless form of combining things that can’t go together, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, something new can happen. So my starting point was to create a vortex of old elements and new thoughts to create something different and that ended up in “The Post Modern Chaos”.

Music & Words by The Greenman, vocals, drums, piano, keyboards, soundloops, Brand Kruithof, tenor sax, and vocals, Joost Zoeterman, guitar. Hans Keuken, bass. Recorded and mixed by Green in Blue, Nieuwegein, Netherlands.


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